Point of Sale Solution That Works for Your Business

If selling products is at the core of your business, then a good point of sales system that ring sales, track inventory, and automate your accounting should be at the foundation.

Run and Grow Your Business with the Right POS Solution

To deliver a modern purchasing experience to your customers, you need a POS system that does more than just take orders and accept payments.

Manage Your Inventory

Easily manage your inventoy, sales, and expenses

Automate Your Accounting

Automate your bookkeeping, reduce errors, and save time

Affordable Hardware

Sell faster with hardware and software that’s easy to use

Smart POS Solutions Tailor-Made for Your Business

No matter how you sell — whether you have one location or more, you’re a retail, restaurant, or hardware store, we have a solution for you.

Easily Track and Manage Your Inventory

Staying on top of your inventory is the first step in growing your business. You need to know what’s selling, what isn’t, what you need to reorder and when. But, losing track of inventory can have a significant financial impact on your bottom line.

NPS point of sale solution makes it easy and painless to track and manage your entire inventory, reduce costs, and keep your business profitable.

Inventory Management
Point of Sale Automation

Integrate with Your Favorite Accounting Software

Every business owner knows running the books can be a nightmare. No one wants to spend their day manually entering data. But your business’ success depends on accurate and up-to-date sales, expenses, and inventory numbers.

NPS point of sale solution does the hard work for you. Eliminating tuns of manual entry, so you always have access to the most up-to-date information to run your business.

Flexible and Affordable Hardware

Whether a customer is making a single purchase or returning an item they expect an efficient and modern purchasing experience. This means no delays, even during long lines or the holiday rush.

With NPS you get access to a wide range of hardware — touchscreen POS terminal, receipt printers, secure cash drawers and much more. Plus, our solutions is optimized for PC and android devices, which means more choices, more features, and lower prices.

Point of Sale Hardware

Why Partner with Network Professional Service?

Get everything you need to transform the way you do business. Tailored IT solutions that align with your business goals to help you work smarter, save time, and make more money.


A full range of scalable, customizable, and future-proof IT solutions


Real-time insights to help you track business performance and make better decisions


Uncompromising security and ongoing support to help you grow your business

Get the Point of Sales Solution That Works for You

Streamline your operations, build customer relationships, and make business decisions that turn your inventory into what you care about—sales and profits.

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